Shadow Fight 2 Hack – Gems and Coins Cheats 2018

Shadow Fight is one of most played fighting game for smartphone and the whole series has millions of download. There are total three installments and Shadow Fight 2 is popular one and it is played by many gamers. If you love to play this game then this guide is to help you out.

This game is available for IOS and android where features make it one of the best to play however, graphics aren’t good as you may think about. Playing this mobile title in 2018 may not provide good graphics but you get amazing gameplay. It will surely make you fell in love.

Coin and gem are the currencies here. Both are vital and hard to earn but there are few methods that can ease up your work for sure. The in-app purchases and Shadow Fight 2 cheats can defiantly provide you resources. Even you can get a huge amount for sure.

Shadow Fight 2 Hack 2018

How to play?

In this shadow fight 2 review, you will learn some of great things to do. Let’s start with the basics and then head over to intermediate levels.

Manage Coins– Coin is primary currency and you can earn it by winning in battles. Not able to obtain sufficient amount by winning? Well, try out “Duel Mode” and it will make you fight with real opponents. It can be typical to battle again real player but the reward is surely big one and the better you tackle down opponent the more you earn.

The second thing is to focus on expenditure and you should spend it wisely. If you don’t want to end up wasting all then try to collect more and spend less. There are some equipments to buy and you can buy the best too but do not buy until you have a good amount.

Gems – These are premium one and you can collect it by few methods. First of all, collect a decent amount. Don’t know that how to collect? Well, there is Shadow Fight 2 hack which will let you obtain a good amount with ease. There are thousands of gamers focusing on it and getting a good amount.



Gems are convertible and you can change these into coins. It will help you out when there is no coin in collection. It will make things easier and you can try it out now.

Methods to Win – While battling, you pay attention to strategy. Thinking that what kind of strategy? Well, this isn’t a button masher game, not the other installments too. In order to be the best, you should try to hit on face as much as possible. You can hit with punches and then there is other option to kick. Both will give you perfect combo but make sure to use both wisely. Each time, you use a strategy, you learn it more and know the issues where it loses.  It will definitely make you the master.

Equip Gears – Lots of gears are available to equip and you can try to equip armor and weapons. Each weapon is quite helpful but you have to learn it wisely. There are some great tricks to try out and each one will make you an expert of the game. Try to use the weapon on tutorial or practice mode. Here, you will learn to attack on opponent and winning. A great trick with effective button mashing is way helpful than any other method.

TournamentThere are tournament and survival modes to try out. Each one is going to provide you great reward. However, winning in such matches isn’t easy as you may think about it. You need an effective strategy and energy. If you don’t have the energy to play then change the time. And open the game again. This time, the energy will be back.

Keep on using the same trick on all the tournaments and events. So, this method won’t let you get out of energy. But, the next question arrive in mind is regarding the use of energy wisely. Well, you should not worry when you have this good amount of resources. It will let you progress faster and earn great rewards.

Skill trees and moves – You may not know that there are skill tress to provide you some great skill. The more skills you have or the powerful skills you have the better you knock down opponent. It is way better than using simple moves. But, you should learn all the moves. They can effective make you the best gamer in couple of days.

Bottom Line

Above given are some of the best tricks to try out. Each tip will let you progress faster. If you start lagging behind then Shadow Fight 2 Cheats can help you obtain more resources and easily too.

Shadow Fight 2 Hack

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  1. Firstly thank you for putting the work and effort into making this cheat for shadow fight fans like myself and I find the biggest reason I like shadow fight is due to how it actually is a game not just a money grab and of course well made visuals and sound design help to and the m using this cheat to help me with a particularly hard boss fight and underworld

  2. So, I have played this game many times and liked it a lot and I have always seen the blood reaper just sitting there in the armoury, and since I won’t invest money in a mobile game, this is the perfect way of me getting it once and for all!

  3. I like this game very much it has excellent condition weapons and and costumes buy playing this game i never felt boor… I one of the best game

  4. I wish to express my utmost joy about getting this trick thanks to the team that made this trick possible. I have been trying so hard to kill even lynx but cudnt, now this trick has helped me gone very much far into act II..
    Thanks so much to you guys for making this trick work.

  5. Shadow fight is fun to play game i really like playing this game since i found it in the app store i would like but gaining gems and coins are ver hard and some boss are not defeated i must use some cheats to play more fun in this game i need this cheat to enjoy and buy some items to enhance may character shadow i would like to use this cheat since its new and its working base on the comments ive read

  6. Shadow fight is a great great game.i also enjoy playing this game.thank you for the golds and gems.some stages are difficult but i enjoy it.thank you for the trick.

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